As we said in the invitation, this party is all about your presence, not your presents!  SO...


Welcome to the R&R Reception & Honeymoon page!  

We appreciate all the love and support you all have shown us over the years, and we very much look forward to celebrating with all of you at the reception (specifics on the Event Details page).


Please check out the pics on the About Us page...there are more to follow!


Travel information is provided on the Guest Travel page, but if you have any questions or concerns, email us at


Please sign the guest book before you leave the site -- you KNOW we love hearing from you!


And what we've heard a LOT lately is "Where are you registered?" -- to which the answer is simple...we aren't.  We'd much prefer you "pay it forward" to a no-kill dog rescue/shelter organization like this one --


But we have had many people encourage us to continue to share our travel adventures with them, and we'd love to!  So to that end, we've set up the Honeymoon Travel Fund so people can share in the experience, and if they wish, contribute on the Registry page.  What we would love most however, is for you to interact with us as we post our Honeymoon travel adventure (once it's been decided), so please stay tuned to your favorite social media for updates! 


Again, thank you all so VERY much!!  We can't wait to see you at the reception!  It's gonna be EPIC! 


With love, rnr

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